Kolot HaKeshet is a project empowering LGBTI+ Jews to make their voices heard. We are passionate about making Jewish spaces more welcoming by providing training to LGBTI+ Jews on how to affect change. All participants in our training are able to join our project as members to receive ongoing support.

Kolot HaKeshet began as a Jewish learning retreat funded by Moishe House's Retreatology program. A group of LGBTI+ Jews came together from across the UK to unpack our experiences as LGBTI+ Jews engaging with mainstream Jewish life. We channelled these discussions to co-create an Inclusion Guide for synagogues and Jewish community organisations.

If you're passionate about LGBTI+ inclusion in Jewish life but don't know where to start, check out our Inclusion Guide. It provides some information on topics that we feel most pressingly need greater awareness and some tips on how to make your communities more welcoming.

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