Tammuz 5780

Upcoming Events

In this webinar, we will be showcasing and expanding on our Inclusion Guide to show how Jewish communities can better include LGBTI+ Jews.

This talk will explore how Kolot HaKeshet came to be, what we hope to achieve and our ongoing and upcoming work.

The first in what will become a regular series of webinars, Koleinu #1 will explore two topics that were also discussed at our first retreat: Including LGBTI+ Jews of Colour, Sephardim & Mizrahim and Encountering Antisemitism in LGBTI+ Spaces. We will also be talking about our plans for the next few months and we have a couple of exciting announcements!

Reflections on Sivan 5780

The past month has been a challenging one, like the last few, but we have also seen an upwelling of hope and resistance.

We have witnessed a global wave of solidarity for Black liberation following the terrible murder of George Floyd z’’l. In cities across the planet, Black people and their allies have come together to ensure his memory truly is a blessing. We have seen many protests against the police brutality that is endemic within our societies where white supremacy, racism and anti-blackness are still not eradicated.

We have also seen deeply troubling moves against the trans community. The White House have rolled back anti-discrimination protections for trans people accessing healthcare. This will make it much harder for people to access not just the medical interventions that many trans people deeply need, but also to access even the most basic care. In the UK, leaked government papers propose cancelling the reforms of the Gender Recognition 2004. There are also murmurs of plans to “safeguard single-sex spaces” which could point to something like a Trumpian-style bathroom bill.

However, in both the USA and the UK there has also been cause for hope. The US Supreme Court has ruled that LGBT people are protected from employment discrimination on the basis of sex. There were fears this ruling would go the other way following Trump’s nominations so a very welcome outcome. In the UK, Gendered Intelligence led a wildly successful campaign encouraging trans people and allies to email the Prime Minister in support of trans rights. To date, 40,000 people have used the form and a potential announcement of the reforms on Tuesday 16th June has reportedly been postponed until July.

We hope that the next month continues to shine a spotlight on the necessary conversations that have been taking place. While this feels like a dark period, there are also many signs of hope and wins breaking ground.

Chodesh Tov,

Kolot HaKeshet


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